Managing Conflict with Co-Workers

Promoting healthy communication within teams is essential for successful problem resolution. It is important to recognize that conflicts are a natural part of any workplace and to provide employees with the tools they require to manage them constructively.

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New Lens Required

The challenge new leaders often face with a newly acquired team is this - they move too quickly into action to make changes and overlook spending time enrolling their new team in THEM as a leader.

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Why Manager Rants in the Office are Never Productive

We have all sat in meetings with a manager who blows up, repeatedly, and stands on their proverbial soapbox to make their point. We have all also turned off our listening and disengaged from that same behavior pattern. Yet still, this management style is one of the most prominent and least productive. Learn the strategy to work around it if you can't change it.

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Did You Know People Have Expiration Dates?

Did you know you and your employee's have expiration dates? For the workplace that is. It is important as a manager to know your own and the warning signs that show when others are approaching the end of the line.

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3 Roadblocks that May be in Your Way to Achieving More

Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending a 4 day intensive retreat with my coach. Yes, even I have a coaching team I work with and that is because I believe so strongly in walking my talk. During this retreat, a powerful question came up for me and, of course, I had to share it with you.

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