Creating YOUR Pattern Interrupt

Episode #021 Host: Tammy J. Bond

For better or worse, the patterns you embody have brought you to where you are today. I’m here today to invite you to examine your patterns and identify the ones that no longer serve you. In this episode of Playing in the Sandbox, I’m going to discuss the importance of interrupting harmful patterns and give you tools on how to step into new habits that align with the person you know you can become.

  1. A pattern interrupt is a cognitive strategy for disrupting patterns of behavior and thought. This can look like mindfulness, meditation, or changing your self-talk.
  2. As leaders, the patterns that shape us will inevitably shape our teams. It’s our responsibility to cultivate awareness and choose our patterns wisely.
  3. A pattern interrupt challenges our beliefs about ourselves and our lives. This gives us an opportunity to break free from our self-imposed limitations.
  4. Pattern interrupts can bring on personal growth, transformation, and increased adaptability.
  5. Try different pattern interrupt methods! “Start, Stop, Continue” is a great one for interrupting negative self-talk.
  6. Work with an accountability partner. Find a coach, mentor, or peer who will help you stay on track.

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