Navigating a Season of Transition in Leadership (Part 2)

Episode #043 Host: Tammy J. Bond Guest: Mike Nassar

Transitions in a company are always challenging for those in leadership positions. However, hearing from someone else's experiences can give you an idea of what to expect.

In this episode of Playing in the Sandbox, I continue my conversation with Mike Nassar, an incredible leader known for his relational approach and strategic vision. Listen to Mike's insights on leadership, curiosity, and empathy in today's complex business environment.

  1. A deep sense of fulfillment drives Mike's leadership journey. He finds joy in guiding individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and seeing their careers flourish. This personal growth and fulfillment are the true rewards of leadership.
  2. Try helping your team cast a vision for success to motivate and guide them through challenges. Leaders who remind their team members that winning is possible directs them toward goals despite current setbacks.
  3. Mike's commitment to continuous learning and curiosity is a testament to his belief in personal and professional growth. He shares his practice of constantly exploring the company's internal workings, competitors' strategies, and the best practices from other industries. With this commitment, each day at work is a new learning opportunity, ensuring continuous growth and excellence.
  4. It’s exciting when mid-level managers and employees suggest feedback, isn’t it? Mike shares why it’s essential for leaders to welcome feedback and ideas from workers at all levels of the company. This practice enhances the customer experience and operational efficiency. When a company puts value into diverse perspectives, it drives the organization toward success.
  5. If you ever feel as though there’s a misalignment between your values and the company’s, consider a career change. Mike shares that those who stayin a working environment where values clash often experience dissatisfaction and conflicts. No matter how much you love your position, if it doesn’t align with your personal values, it can impact job satisfaction.

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