Stop Story Telling and Bottom Line it!

Episode #030 Host: Tammy J. Bond

One issue many people have when it comes to storytelling is getting to the main points. The whole point of using storytelling as a leader is to make your team members take action. But how can they act when they do not understand what you’re trying to convey?

In this episode, we’ll discuss five key ways leaders can become bottom-line communicators. Listen to this insightful episode to help you develop an essential leadership style.

1. As leaders, it’s vital for you to understand your audience. Some members may need you to display a more colorful approach to your story, while others prefer a more direct approach. Understanding your audience will help you decide how to communicate with them best.

2. Start with clarity when balancing the fine line between storytelling and bottom lining. Decide on your story’s point and the action you want your audience to take action.

3. To help get your points across in storytelling, add context. This is where you can add more depth to your story to help your audience understand its message.

4. As you’re telling your story, be able to adapt to changes to help your audience understand your message. Storytelling embraces emotions; some members may be unable to handle certain emotions within a story.

5. Leaders should always encourage a two-way conversation when using the storytelling technique. Some members may have questions or don’t understand the points you’re trying to convey. Creating an open environment will make them comfortable speaking with you as you share your story.

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