Taking Ownership of Your Craft

Episode #002 Host: Tammy J. Bond Guest: Donald Kelly

On this episode of Playing In The Sandbox Podcast, Tammy talks with Donald Kelly about taking ownership of your craft, personal leadership, and Donald's new book “Sell It Like A Mango”. Donald Kelly is a sales expert whose podcast has 3.6 million downloads and has been featured in Forbes, he is the founder of The Sales Evangelist and author of “Sell It Like A Mango”. 

What has Donald learned about taking ownership as he built his brand?

  • Dedication. The more dedicated Donald feels to his craft the more people he can help and the better he can achieve his mission. 
  • Intention. Donald wants to ensure that he is giving his very best. He wants to be intentional about perfecting his craft and at the end of the day feel like he has given it his all. 
  • Act rather than be acted upon. As Donald was developing his team he kept this thought in mind. He wants his team to understand the vision and not wait to take action. 

Donald's new book “Sell It Like A Mango”

  • Donald’s book tells what he learned from the mango sellers in Jamaica. He teaches about how the individual, not the product, makes a massive difference in the selling process.

What has Donald learned about personal leadership?

  • Donald's book teaches the notion of taking responsibility and taking ownership of your situation. 
  • Many individuals look to blame others for their negative circumstances. Donald learned through personal experiences growing up in Jamaica that he needed to take action on his own. 
  • Don’t take rejection personally. In his book, Donald outlines how to bounce back and grow from rejection. 

Did Donald have a sandbox?

  • Donald remembers his backyard being his oasis, interacting with cousins, neighbors and friends.

For more content and information from Donald, connect with him on Linkedin, visit his company website, and check out his book “Sell It Like A Mango”.

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