The Mission

Creating team alignment is the difference between playing not to lose and winning. Sometimes it’s about a compelling offer, but mostly it’s about the art of persuasion and imagination.

1. Create Alignment


For Tammy Bond, “Activity ? Results.” Instead, delivering massive results requires that we liberate our team from working in the confines of cubicle nation. In a world that is too readily satisfied with stagnation for sake of ‘we’ve always done it this way’, we revel in delivering joy with multiplicative growth. And multiplication is truly possible for your team with the radical mindset shift in massive- action, massive-communication and massive-attitude adjustments – our sweet spot.

2. Orchestrate Conversation

Feeding The Opportunities

Most teams are drowning in a sea of competing viewpoints, internal lingo and theories of success. No wonder so many leaders lose their way. Armed with a wealth of experience in multiple industries, Tammy Bond brings a fresh 50 thousand foot perspective. With a keen ability to nose-dive through the story telling, Tammy coaches leaders to open up the dialogue in order to get everyone on the same path to success.

3. Forging Autonomy


Team success is not democratic. Not much any more really is. A touch of autonomy helps and is very much required for collective success. Focusing ambition demands courage, conviction and humility, both on your part and your team. Our commitment is to see that the only place for the old carrot and stick motivation in your company is in the time capsule of history.

4. Propel Team Forward

Why not fly higher together

“When our focus turns off people and into process, we all fail.” So often our vision for serving our ideal customer becomes clouded for our frontline customer, our staff. When our team loses site of who they serve first, our bottom-line is impacted. When leaders lose site of who they serve – everything falls apart. Our unique team coaching approach delivers extraordinary results with a balance of disagreement construction, persuasion, bold conversations, and powerful questioning. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.