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We bring Tammy into facilitate our annual executive offsite every year because she gets us from idea to action plan, she helps us dive into strategy and stay out of the weeds.

- Doug Wood, President and COO
Tommy Bahama

Electrifying Corporate Teams to Collaborate,
Connect and Improve Profits through Inspired Action.
If you’re ready for a speaker to
inspire your audience with tools and strategies on

Team Performance,

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Praised as a “Secret Weapon for Teams,” Tammy J. Bond has laser vision for seeing breakthrough performance opportunities and the creativity to transform them into a big win.

Tammy delivers keynotes and consultations for new and emerging leaders who are frustrated with the people they inherited, and who want to learn a new approach to bring their teams together to powerfully collaborate, connect, and change for the better.

Tammy delivers high-impact, performance strategies to point leaders and their teams toward the ‘strike zone’ of greater profits and increased productivity.

Her essential message is:
“Step up and Lead, your Team is waiting for you.”

Business Leaders, CEO’s and  Executives Rave!

Tammy Bond’s
message is perfect for those
that are frustrated with their team’s lack of productivity; she offers
powerful insight and tools for
designing every team for results.

- Joseph Whalen,
HR Manager, King County

Tammy will spark the bold curiosity of every listener, igniting a new perspective and provocative call to action.

- Theresa Kinney, VP Lee,
Hecht, Harrison

Tammy’s delivery
is comfortable, engaging and
powerful. She has the ability to draw people in and the power to move them toward their intention with ease and a lot of laughter.

- Russ Swaim, Managing Director
Shanghai, China

Leaders and Teams Powerfully Transformed

Leaders, key players, and entrepreneurs are inspired to get off the round-a-bout and into the fast lane to productivity and profitability as a result of hearing Tammy’s perspective shifting presentations.

Corporate Keynotes

Reframe the way you view your team to create a powerful force for growth, collaboration, and profound culture change that contributes to a better balance sheet with one of these powerful topics.

What do fortune 100 leaders know that you don’t?
Tammy shares the nine practices Fortune 100 leaders master to create world-class teams, the pitfalls to avoid in working with your team and how to get the best out of them. Ideal for senior leaders, HR professionals, and mid-managers.

3 Reasons teams fail and what every leader should do about it
Tammy unveils the ‘secret weapons’ your team needs to increase morale, communication and performance. Ideal for new managers and new team leaders.

Get off the round-a-bout and start moving
Revitalize your team with this dynamic personal power speech that gets you to clarity with an action plan for
results. Ideal for teams, managers and aspiring leaders.

How to turn your problem employee around
Of COURSE you have problem employees. We ALL have problem employees. It’s how you handle them that matters most. Tammy will walk you step by step to help you identify what ‘not dealing’ with your problem is really costing you and your team. Ideal for CEOs, managers, HR professionals and supervisors.

Tammy is happy to customize presentations to meet the specific needs of your audience.

Step by step, Tammy identifies the hidden costs and consequences of ignoring team issues and inspires performance enhancing actions that bring teams together for greatness.

If you’re ready to Inspire Action and Shift Perspective contact Tammy today!

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