Best Listener Questions of 2023

Episode #032 Host: Tammy J. Bond

Welcome to the final episode of Playing in the Sandbox for this year! I'm thrilled to bring you a special Q&A episode crafted entirely from the questions you, our amazing listeners, have sent in. We will break down the problems so many of us face as leaders while we celebrate curiosity and our amazing community!

  1. When you want to see behavior changes in your team, set expectations, model the changes, and hold check-ins for support and accountability.
  2. When you approach teammates about sensitive topics, approach with kindness and share your good intentions. Don’t forget to hold HR accountable!
  3. Don’t be afraid to stand up to teammates who spew negativity. 
  4. If your team is underperforming, take accountability! Bring awareness to the issue with your team members and be direct!

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