How To TEE Up Excellence in Service at Every Level

Episode #012 Host: Tammy J. Bond Guest: Rich Acosta

Rich Acosta came from a hospitality background but currently works in a corporate environment, but has maintained the SAME level of excellent service at every level. In today’s episode of Playing In The Sandbox, I’ll be talking to Rich about how to maintain this excellence at every level as a leader.

Throughout his years of experience, as well as his experience with switching industries, Rich has continually drummed up excellence. The ways he did this were:

  1. TEE stands for time, effort, and energy. Getting excellence begins with time. Leaders can spend their time on training their team, or trying to find the unlikely perfect team member. Leaders SHOULD, however, spend their time on celebrating team members and fostering collaboration.
  2. Next up is effort. Leaders have to put in effort to make sure their team AND clients are happy. This comes from listening to their complaints, internalizing and interpreting the information, and evaluating the information. Leaders should only respond to complaints after putting in the effort, and by then, Rich always has a TERRIFIC solution.
  3. Lastly is energy. When customers or team members are frustrated, they want to be heard and understood. Leaders have to use their energy to not only meet these complaints, but use the information they’ve gathered to improve on mistakes. Then, good leaders should continually improve on their IMPROVEMENTS.

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