Start. Stop. Continue.

Episode #010 Host: Tammy J. Bond

Whenever you set a goal or plan for yourself, have you ever stopped to think about what you want to start, stop, and continue? This start, stop, continue method is a FANTASTIC way to give your team valuable feedback. In today’s episode of the Playing In The Sandbox podcast, I’ll be going over this method.

The start, stop, continue method is a great feedback loop to utilize as a leader. Here are some ways you can use the start, stop, continue method with your team.

  1. The start in SSC is all about goal setting. When talking about what to start, it gets your team thinking creatively. Use this creativity to strive for large, profitable goals. The start also can help start creating more positive behaviors in your team members.
  2. The stop in SSC is all about efficiency. Think about what NO LONGER serves you and your team and stop it. You can then redirect this energy into starting new, positive behaviors or meeting goals, or continuing good, profitable behaviors.
  3. The continue in SSC is all about carryover. Just like with the stop, think about what things generated the most success for you and your teams. What specific behaviors and processes led to the most growth. Continue doing them and carry them over throughout the year.

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