Are You a Pot Stirrer or a Leader?

Episode #028 Host: Tammy J. Bond

If your team is operating in chaos, you may have a pot-stirrer in your midst. In this episode, I’m sharing some insights into the inner workings of the pot-stirrer’s mind. Strong leaders have a responsibility to help their teams see their way through tough situations - it’s time to stop stirring the pot and start stepping up.

  1. Pot-stirrers thrive on chaos and tension in the workplace. They manipulate and strong-arm people into unstable situations to gain power and control.
  2. The first step to making a change is recognizing pot-stirring behavior patterns in yourself or others and making the decision to adjust the team’s path.
  3. Be open about the negative impacts of pot-stirring. Low morale, low productivity, high turnover rates, and employees feeling stifled are all symptoms of having a pot-stirrer in your organization.
  4. The majority of employees experience stress in the workplace, and there is a correlation between traumatic workplace experiences and counterproductive behaviors.
  5. We have to understand the root causes of pot-stirring in ourselves and others to help unpack where those behaviors come from.

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