Evoking Change: The Strength of Strategic Questioning

Episode #041 Host: Tammy J. Bond

It’s time to get curious! In today’s episode of Playing in the Sandbox, I’m bringing you a topic from the vault that digs deep into how we ask questions. Instead of seeking to be understood, first, it’s important that we seek to understand. If you find yourself asking questions that lead to defensiveness, confusion, or other unexpected responses, this episode is for you.

  1. More often than not, people hear questions as accusations. Framing questions from a curious perspective can move our team members out of a defensive mindset.
  2. If your work environment is breaking down, examine how others answer the questions you are asking – they will expose their perspective (and their baggage if it exists).
  3. Asking powerful questions gets you to the core of who someone is and moves past the facade.
  4. If you give “point-and-shoot” instructions to your team, the team may feel demoralized. Try taking a “point-and-ask” approach.
  5. Pay attention to cultural differences. For example, if you’re an East Coast leader working with a West Coast team, think about how your team members communicate and create space for clarity.
  6. It’s important to address the pink elephant in the room! If there’s something no one wants to discuss, expose the issue and seek to rectify it without blame.

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