Fear of Failing is Failure at It's Finest

Episode #027 Host: Tammy J. Bond

One year anniversary of podcast!

The fear of failure can be a self-fulfilling prophecy if you let it. It’s time to leave the fear behind and break through your barriers. In this episode, I’m here to tell my own personal story of MY fear of failure and share ideas for how you can overcome what holds you back.

  1. If you are becoming stagnant, look inward to discover the truth of why it’s happening. Stagnation can cause us to be afraid to step outside of our comfort zone and try new things.
  2. Look back and think about the potential regrets from not taking that risk - do they outweigh the feeling of fear of the unknown?
  3. Leaders who are afraid to fail are often risk-averse. If you’re so risk-averse that you miss out on opportunities, think about bringing someone you trust onto your leadership team.
  4. Teams that display growth and adaptability have leaders that welcome innovation and change. If you can’t see how to execute new ideas and that makes you shoot them down, empower your team members to plan, try, and fail.
  5. Fear of failure is often linked with low self-esteem or self-worth. Get educated and connect with others (like mentors, coaches, therapists, etc.) who can help you understand your self-esteem or self-worth.
  6. When we focus too much on what others will think of us instead of looking in the mirror, we can end up with anxiety about losing our status or reputation.

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