Get Ready to Tackle Hard Conversations

Episode #018 Host: Tammy J. Bond

If you’ve been avoiding a difficult conversation with someone in the workplace, this episode is for you. Today on Playing In The Sandbox, I’m sharing some specific, actionable tips that can give you the confidence to walk into a bold conversation from a place of strength and respect.

Great communicators are responsible for what they say, how they are understood, and listening with a sincere intent to understand the other person. Here are 10 tips for making hard conversations productive and solution-based:

  1. Recognize when a conversation is becoming difficult or unproductive.
  2. Set the ground rules at the beginning.
  3. Be honest and open about your feelings. Practice active listening so you understand the other person's position and body language.
  4. Stay oriented to the topic, not the other person.
  5. Take notes during the conversation.
  6. Ask clarifying questions.
  7. Summarize what is said and make sure everyone is in agreement before moving on.
  8. Think outside the box when finding mutually beneficial solutions.
  9. End the conversation on a positive note.
  10. Follow-up after the conversation.

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