Has the Workplace Really Become That Evil?

After the upheaval over the past three years, the workplace has emerged as an enemy. It’s time to unpack what happened and create a path forward. In this episode of Playing in the Sandbox, I sit down with Gary Campbell, the Founder and Owner of Impact to Lead LLC and CEO of Johnson Health Centers. Together, we talk about the importance of leadership when rebuilding trust and navigating an uncertain world.

  1. During and after the pandemic, some leaders handled aspects of their workplaces poorly, which has caused burnout among employees. This gets shared on social media, especially among millennials and Gen Z.
  2. Leaders have to listen and seek to understand employees before they seek to be understood. Then they can ask employees what kinds of solutions they are looking for and help develop some options.
  3. When employees feel safe in the workplace, they’ll feel comfortable bringing their issues up to managers. Creating a safe space is crucial.
  4. Mindset is important. As leaders, what we focus on matters. If we have a negative outlook, that will bleed into our employees’ experiences.
  5. Build trust with employees by being visible and available. Try communicating changes or current events in the business or offering a forum for employees to ask questions or raise concerns.