Casting Vision for the Sandbox

Episode #000 Host: Tammy J. Bond

Welcome to the new podcast Playing In The Sandbox Podcast, hosted by Tammy J. Bond! Tammy has a long history of building teams, transforming business owners and shifting mindsets with proven performance improvement. As a consultant to many, from Startups to Government Leaders to Fortune 500 leaders, Tammy has a long history of showing people how to move through the challenges of what they see, and transform their circumstances into what they want.

In this podcast, Tammy will take the lessons that we learned as children playing in the sandbox and use them to cultivate excellence in ourselves and inspire action in others. Diving into some phenomenal topics and having lots of fun, Playing In The Sandbox will drop on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. With amazing guests like Donald Kelly, Dan Pink, the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, and even a horse trainer, this podcast will give you the tools you need today that will transform your tomorrow.

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Playing In The Sandbox Podcast is brought to you by Tammy J. Bond

In today's swift-moving employee market leaders are far too often putting people that are technically good at their jobs into leadership positions, without first developing them on how to be leaders of people.

How do you course correct, or better yet make sure you don’t make that common mistake? Develop your people to lead others from the moment they join your team. For more tools on how to develop others around you, contact us today.

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