Leadership vs. Management: The Drawbacks & Rewards

Episode #036 Host: Tammy J. Bond Guest: Tia Boatman Patterson

Today’s guest has worked at many levels of different organizations and brings a wealth of knowledge to the topic of leadership and management! In today’s episode of Playing in the Sandbox, I’m so excited to bring you into my most recent conversation with Tia Boatman Patterson, the President and CEO of the California Community Reinvestment Corporation. We talk about the importance of communication, expectation-setting, and building management skills at all levels of an organization!

  1. A good manager is aware of their organization's operations, processes, and procedures and understands how to create and implement them to get things done.
  2. A good leader can motivate, drive, and inspire - and may not be in a “leadership” position!
  3. Having a vision on a leadership level is important, but having strong management is critical to bringing that vision into reality.
  4. “Fake it till you make it” does not make a good leader or manager. Hold off on leading others until you know how to lead yourself well.
  5. Management isn’t easy. From having bold conversations to maintaining open communication between different levels of an organization, there is a lot to balance! Our managers need access to education so they can build those skill sets.
  6. One management skill leaders must embrace is communicating to all levels of their organizations. If they don’t, they risk their big messages getting watered down.

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In today's swift-moving employee market leaders are far too often putting people that are technically good at their jobs into leadership positions, without first developing them on how to be leaders of people.

How do you course correct, or better yet make sure you don’t make that common mistake? Develop your people to lead others from the moment they join your team. For more tools on how to develop others around you, contact us today.

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