Unmasking Leadership Myths: The 5 Assumptions You Can't Afford to Make

Episode #039 Host: Tammy J. Bond

Leadership success isn’t just about our actions; it’s about the assumptions we challenge. In this episode of Playing in the Sandbox, I take you through 5 assumptions that hold leaders back and keep teams from reaching their potential. To those leaders out there looking to self-reflect and break down the thought patterns that limit creativity and hinder growth, this episode is for you!

Assumption #1: “I know best.” This mindset builds resistance to feedback and alternative perspectives, which shuts down your personal growth, your team’s creativity, and innovation overall. Try asking yourself, “Do I always know best? Every time?”

Assumption #2: “This is how it’s always been done.” Resistance to change like this breeds stagnation, a lack of progress, and inefficiency. Try opening up a short 7-minute conversation about what can be done differently on a given project (even if you end up sticking with the old way).

Assumption #3: “I don’t need feedback.” Leaders who reject feedback discourage open communication, which can lower the team's morale. This assumption often stems from fear, so try digging deep to understand the source of it.

Assumption #4: “Success happens overnight." Unrealistic expectations can create pressure, anxiety, and fear of failure. If a leader expects too much too quickly, this can discourage persistence.

Assumption #5: “I can do it all alone.” This will lead to burnout and drive the team away. When you rely only on your own expertise, you lose the perspective of others who can help you and provide valuable insights and you rob them of the chance to help you!

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