What your B.S. is telling you about YOU

Episode #003 Host: Tammy J. Bond

What is a belief system?

  • A mental structure that influences the way we perceive the world around us. Belief systems are rooted in our values, what we accept as truth, and the way we navigate conflict. 
  • A social structure that provides a supportive network and a sense of belonging.
  • They are the invisible and driving force behind your behavior. 
  • Similar to the operating system on your phone, your belief systems need to be periodically updated.

Three things to know about your B.S.

  1. Every B.S. you have is rooted in the past. You’ve been collecting it since the moment you were born. 
  2. Your B.S. is structured in a way to keep you safe.
  3. Your B.S. keep you stuck in a have-to way of thinking versus a want-to. You have the power to reframe your mindset to a want-to, choose-to, or get-to mindset. 

What to do with your B.S?

  • Your belief systems are meant to be honored. They have gotten you to where you are now. 
  • Identify what belief systems you have that are no longer serving you and honor them at a root level.
  • Recognize that they have served you well but no longer are, then ask yourself “If not this, then what?”. 
  • When you identify your belief systems and begin to change your behavior, others will notice and want to follow. When you uncover your B.S., the new possibilities are endless. 

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