When Things In The World Go Unsettled

Episode #040 Host: Tammy J. Bond

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to create safe, stable environments for our team members. In this episode of Playing in the Sandbox, I discuss trauma and how we can show up for team members who are experiencing trauma. In the workplace, anxiety and depression caused by trauma can lead to absenteeism, distraction, and lowered productivity. We have the opportunity to discover root causes by asking good questions. It’s time to unpack some trauma, tap into our empathy, and explore ways to support our teams in the workplace.

  1. Even though we can’t fix all of the world’s problems, it’s important for leaders to prioritize creating a safe space for our teams to process the upheaval we see happening around us.
  2. Leaders are not necessarily equipped to help teams work through trauma – that’s what therapy is for. But they can help provide resources to their teams. Show team members you prioritize them and how they are coping with large-scale trauma.
  3. Trauma is a response to distressing one-time or ongoing events. Being exposed to a high degree of stress can lead to a variety of negative impacts, like anxiety, fear, shock, and difficulty sleeping.
  4. If you notice a sign that a team member might be experiencing distress, try offering them a quick 20-minute check-in. Ask them how they’re doing at home or how world events are affecting them. Help them feel seen.
  5. Check out the Exquisite Self-Care booklet by Tammy Bond to learn how to implement your own self-care and encourage others. You can not pour from an empty cup.
  6. Build resilience by fostering community. A community gives its members a sense of belonging and purpose.

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