Why Leaders Need to Be Better at Asking Questions

Episode #029 Host: Tammy J. Bond

If you’re ready to help your team think critically and creatively, it might be time to ask great questions. In this episode, we’re going to dive into how you can build independence and critical thinking skills in your team by asking open-ended questions. Tap into your curiosity to step up your leadership!

  1. Engaging people by asking specific questions to help them understand their responsibilities can support independence and critical thinking.
  2. Open-ended questions are thought-provoking, while yes-or-no questions discourage creative thinking.
  3. As leaders, our curiosity can help us discover what is holding our team members back - why are they struggling? Why don’t they feel comfortable asking for help?
  4. Don’t be afraid to challenge assumptions! It’s not about putting people down or even calling them out; it can help you better understand a team member’s behavior.
  5. Questions can build trust. Your team members are less likely to be on the defensive when you use questions to work through issues. 

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