You Cannot Change What You’re Willing To Tolerate

Episode #009 Host: Tammy J. Bond

Too often, people become overly comfortable with their current situation. Comfort and satisfaction, however, are the ENEMY of change and growth. In today’s episode of the Playing In The Sandbox podcast, I’ll go over how you can’t change something if you tolerate it.

As a leader, and as a professional, whatever we tolerate we will see more of. Here are some reasons why you CANNOT change what you tolerate.

The reasons you tolerate negative behavior are the same things that are SABOTAGING you and your team. If you want the behaviors to change, you have to stop tolerating them.

Do NOT be avoidant. You have to dissect what negative behaviors you’re tolerating and address them head-on before you can replace them with positive behaviors. Learn to lead yourself before leading others.

Be bold and DIRECTLY address what needs to be changed. I recommend taking a whiteboard and physically writing everything down before meeting with your team.

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