3 Roadblocks that May be in Your Way to Achieving More

ecently, I had the great pleasure of attending a 4 day intensive retreat with my coach. Yes, even I have a coaching team I work with and that is because I believe so strongly in walking my talk. During this retreat, a powerful question came up for me and, of course, I had to share it with you.

Is there some part of you that is saying “no” to the vision you have for your team, your business, your future?

Being totally transparent, I found that my answer to that question was a resounding YES! And it shocked me.

Today, I want to share with you a strategy or angle to take if you are also answering yes to that powerful question. I see three roadblocks that can possibly be in your way to achieving your powerful vision. As a leader, you may not realize that your team is underperforming because of the very part of you that is stuck at a roadblock.

  1. Self-Doubt - Often we don’t take into consideration the pressure we put on ourselves as leaders that can be impacting the way we see our own future. Or the way we see ourselves into achieving our goals and dreams. When self-doubt enters the equation, it is very difficult to see the other side of the proverbial coin for change. Check in with your mastermind partner or trusted adviser and ask them how they hear you speaking about your team or your company. That may reveal the truth of how you see yourself into your future. Self-doubt appears when we don’t have a clear vision of what we want and need to achieve our goals. It often comes from the repetitive process of self-deprecating thoughts and words. Words are powerful – choose them and use them well.
  2. Fear of Achieving – there it is, that little yet profoundly powerful word…FEAR. It creeps in at times when it seems to be most inconvenient. And it manifests itself with our teams in very different ways. If you are a leader that has put forth bold goals and audacious action items for your team to achieve, you have probably run into the fear factor with your people. So what do you do? You must start with aligning your goal with the vision and values of your people. If they can’t see themselves in the middle of your bold goal – you won’t achieve it. At least, you won’t achieve it with ease. Their fear of letting you down leads to this fear of achievement. Believe it or not, sometimes it is easier for our people to allow failure to happen so they don’t have to live up to the achievement.
  3. Trusting Yourself - If you are struggling with seeing yourself in your vision for a big future, step back and check in with YOU. I have said it before Y.O.U. (Your Own Universe) is at the center of all you do. So check in and get back to the heart of the matter. Believe that you have all that is needed to achieve your audacious vision – or ask for help if something is missing. When we hold ourselves back at times, it is because we don’t trust we have what it takes to achieve. And yes, that is only one slice of the proverbial pie. Leaders are often harder on themselves than most people we know because we have high expectations of self and others. At the same time, we often get stuck not trusting our own heart of the matter which can lead to avoidance behavior patterns.

Take a long look in the mirror and know that you are whole, capable, resourceful and creative enough to achieve your goals and dreams. Remind your bold self that, when you are ready to be different and stop letting yourself down, transformation will occur. When that happens, your team will appreciate it and you.

Step up and lead toward your dream – your team is waiting for you.