Team Optimization

Team Building Fail

Team Building Fail - Climbing Trees is fun in the moment but does little to unite your team toward performance. Take time to dive into the problems, expose the hidden story around why we don't trust or work well together. Then, and only then can you truly start to build together.

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How To Reengage After A Long Hiatus

I discovered in taking the (or being forced to take) the long hiatus from big business and team development is that - my story is not unlike many others I have heard of along the way.

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Are You Trying to Fix Your Team or Promote Them?

Have you considered, for any length of time, your motives with your team? What is it that you need and want from them? How are they measuring up to your expectations? And, if they aren't measuring up, what are you prepared to do about it?

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4 Things You Can Do This Week To Address Your Team's Under-performance

As we have covered recently, one of today's leading and most costly challenges for leaders and teams is the plight of the under performer. A problem employee can range anywhere from the not so serious, such as someone who is chronically late for work each day; to the more serious, such as a person engaged in harassment of a colleague.

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