Team Performance

5 Steps to Overcoming Fear of Failing

As a leader, one of the biggest obstacles you would face is the fear of failing. For your long-term success and that of the people you lead, it is important you work to face those fears and overcome them. If you don't, you are already losing.

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Managing Conflict with Co-Workers

Promoting healthy communication within teams is essential for successful problem resolution. It is important to recognize that conflicts are a natural part of any workplace and to provide employees with the tools they require to manage them constructively.

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Limitations Breed Innovation

Do you and your team dwell on what you see as limitations or co-create from the place of what's possible? Too often we look at challenges as stopping points. What if we look at them as tomorrow's success?

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Team Building Fail

Team Building Fail - Climbing Trees is fun in the moment but does little to unite your team toward performance. Take time to dive into the problems, expose the hidden story around why we don't trust or work well together. Then, and only then can you truly start to build together.

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Failure is a Choice - for Leaders and Teams

From time to time, everyone on our team experiences setbacks. We set a course and start out, but then we find ourselves at a dead end. Maybe we get fired from a job or our spouse files for divorce or resources we needed to finish a project don’t materialize and we’re left holding the bag. But what does it take to turn a setback like this into a failure? Well, the answer is simple. The only thing it takes is your attitude.

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