Team Building

Team Building Fail

Team Building Fail - Climbing Trees is fun in the moment but does little to unite your team toward performance. Take time to dive into the problems, expose the hidden story around why we don't trust or work well together. Then, and only then can you truly start to build together.

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Are Your People Equipped to Make Decisions... Quickly?

During a recent trip out of town, I learned something about equipping our teammates to make decisions and to make them quickly. One evening, while away from our hotel room, we returned rather late to a room that was flooding. Clearly, the person in the room above us had left the bathtub to overflow, and a lot of water had made it's way down the walls and out of the light fixture in the ceiling. The sound was alarming to walk into, but the appearance of that much water was even more surprising.

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Are You Trying to Fix Your Team or Promote Them?

Have you considered, for any length of time, your motives with your team? What is it that you need and want from them? How are they measuring up to your expectations? And, if they aren't measuring up, what are you prepared to do about it?

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