Overcoming the Fear of Failure

In the world of leadership, the fear of failure can be an insidious obstacle that holds you back from realizing your full potential. It's time to break free from this paralyzing fear and unleash your leadership potential

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Better, Not Perfect

Perfection is an ideal that is often impossible to achieve. It can create unrealistic expectations and lead to burnout and overwhelm. For leaders with this expectation of their team, it perpetuates extremes in highs and lows of both performance and attitudes, leaving you feeling deep frustration.

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Limitations Breed Innovation

Do you and your team dwell on what you see as limitations or co-create from the place of what's possible? Too often we look at challenges as stopping points. What if we look at them as tomorrow's success?

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How To Reengage After A Long Hiatus

I discovered in taking the (or being forced to take) the long hiatus from big business and team development is that - my story is not unlike many others I have heard of along the way.

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Did You Know People Have Expiration Dates?

Did you know you and your employee's have expiration dates? For the workplace that is. It is important as a manager to know your own and the warning signs that show when others are approaching the end of the line.

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