Limitations Breed Innovation

Have you ever stopped to ponder a time when you were most innovative…and what caused it? Or remember when you excitedly shared with your team a new creative solution to a critical problem you had been working on? Do you remember what that felt like? 

Too often we look at the challenges that we face as limitations or negative obstacles in our path. Regularly we stand and look at a problem as something that we are just stuck with or dealing with because it's the way it always is. But what it we changed our perspective? 

See, the time you solved a critical problem or created a new workaround to something that wasn’t working, was the time you were probably working with a limiting factor. And you just didn’t view it that way. It wasn't the problem that solved itself, it was the innovator that created the new strategy or workaround.

Most of us view problems as limitations that stop us or hold us back. 

Far too often we dwell on what we see as the obstacle and spend little time on the possibility of what could be.

But What IF…you looked at the perceived limitation as an opportunity for something totally new and different?

What threw out your playbook and got a fresh pad of sticky notes and created something totally new? You have done it before. Why not now?