Change Management

Are Your People Equipped to Make Decisions... Quickly?

During a recent trip out of town, I learned something about equipping our teammates to make decisions and to make them quickly. One evening, while away from our hotel room, we returned rather late to a room that was flooding. Clearly, the person in the room above us had left the bathtub to overflow, and a lot of water had made it's way down the walls and out of the light fixture in the ceiling. The sound was alarming to walk into, but the appearance of that much water was even more surprising.

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4 Mistakes Managers Make that can Derail an Organization - Part 1

Whether you are a new manager or seasoned leader, there are four mistakes that can have potentially devastating effects to your team, your organization and to your future. In this two part article; The Mistakes Managers Make, I will share the common pitfalls that can derail even the seasoned leader accompanied by examples and solutions, followed by coaching questions to support your own transformation.

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3 of 3 Mistakes Managers Make - Lack of Communication

People don't need to be praised all the time to do good work, but they do need to know that they are appreciated for the work they are doing. That comes in the form of good communication at all levels and setting precedence for acknowledgment for the small and big stuff. As the old saying goes - Words are powerful, use them wisely. They can build up a team and tear down a team, all in the same breath.

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