How To Reengage After A Long Hiatus

Have you ever had to step back from life as you knew it for a while?

When have you been ‘forced’ into a state of perpetual pause and then tried to reengage?

How do you put the pieces of what used to be your life back together after a big breakup with Normal?

All very interesting questions to ponder and all of which I have had to invest mightily in seeking out the answers to. See, for the last 18 months I have been in a perpetual state of PAUSE with growing my business. Thankfully, I have had a number of reoccurring clients and returning clients sprinkled in with some knew ones too. Thank goodness for marketing momentum to carry me through the past year and a half.

But what I discovered in taking the (or being forced to take) the long hiatus from big business and team development is that - - - my story is not unlike many others I have heard of along the way.

See I needed to take a respite to align the life that was happening in the the world around me and what I was creating in the world. Or perhaps more aptly stated, what the world was creating in me. So the first thing to go was blogging and writing. Two things I love to do! And honestly, my brain capacity was limited to be able to support being creative for my clients while honoring my family and trying to take care of self all at the same time. So the easiest thing to let go of was writing. Though that meant my website suffered tremendously. And I knew the pause for my selfish sake, was necessary so that I could be on purpose for the other areas of my life.

Even in the world of teams, cubicles and boardrooms, people are faced with the turmoil of pausing for the sake of the good of the whole organization. Sometimes, those long staycation seasons in the world of business are needed to allow the rest of what you are supposed to develop or learn catch up to where you are presently. In other words. Your two worlds that may find themselves at odds, Development + Sustainability, need to find the Yin and Yang of perfect balance. Why?, because your drive + passion threw them into a state of chaos and strife.

Your teams operate very much the same way. Leaders can be so driven by results and performance indicators that they lose the very part of themselves that made them a successful individual to advance in leadership. When that happens, the need to pause and readjust your internal picture of what’s possible (for you) is required. The need to PAUSE rises to the top and exclaims!, take a long look at what the world around your life is telling you it needs from you to keep on living on purpose. And do that one thing.

See the bottom line is if you do not choose the PAUSE, it will demand the STOP from you.

Today I am taking the step forward and reengaging with my whole business self again. Even my writing! And today, I have the clarity of a new picture of what is needed of me, from me and for me to live life on purpose.

Watch out World! I Am Back!