What Is Your Face Telling Your Team?


Have You ever wondered why you get some of the reactions from your team that you do?

Have you experienced a time when you misread an emotion or conversation because of the expression on someone else's face?

Well I sure have! And let me tell you, those encounters have lead to some interesting opportunities in my experience. You may have heard me say that I often tell people I am working with that "if I am not saying it, you are probably seeing it." That is becuase my face often tells the rest of the story. Knowing this about myself, I make it a point to invite people to ask me questions. A lot of questions. When I am working with a new group or client, I let them know upfront that if my face is reading anything to them that gives them a pause, to please ask me. Why? Because as someone who knows she processes through her thoughts in facial expressions, often what you may be seeing does not have to do with you or our conversation. So by letting people know to ask me questions if my face isn't reading correctly, it gives permision to talk through things more swiftly and even safely.

So, if you aren't getting the responses you want from other people or if they are reacting strongly to you catching you by surprise, check your face in the mirror. Oh, and give permission to ask more questions of those around you. It helps to open up all lines of communication.