When The Bags Get You Down - Let Go and Live Full

Many of you have heard me talk before about ‘Letting Go of the Baggage’. In fact, it is a topic that is attracting more and more speaking opportunities around the Greater Puget Sound for this Business Coach.

Well, as life would have it, I had an experience recently that reminded me of the bags that sometime get hidden in our daily lives. The ones that restrict us from living each moment to the fullest capacity we possess. Can you relate?

Here’s my story in a nutshell. I was exposed to or pulled into a conversation with someone who happened to serve on a team with me. We were counterparts on this team, equals. Without going into the details, let me just say that my best intentions combined with my most powerful questions and sincerest apology did not sway this interaction toward a positive outcome. Truly, I had little impact and ended up feeling a bit like a pin cushion for someones angst and a doormat for their overflowing bags. Something I was not prepared for in anyway.

As the days beyond this unfortunate event went by, along with several emails with me trying to engage this person beyond the plank that was sticking out of their eye, I found my buttons on fire! I was clearly holding onto something so fierce that my blood pressure was palpable through my chest. Truth be told? I was totally and completely reacting to this person’s baggage and not letting go! I wasn’t “modeling the way” as I like to say.

What I realized I had done was allow the baggage of another to impact my level of comfort and joy. And while I was holding on tight,  there was no room for forgiveness.  Which is 100% not like me. To make it worse, I wasn’t suspending judgment. (Insert Intervention Here:)

When I had my epiphany moment, and I released my assumptions and judgments, I immediately went to forgiveness. This time the fact that the other person was not receiving it or sharing in the responsibility of the situation we were in did not get me down. I Let Go and made a choice to Live Full.

I consciously decided that the way they were being was not a deterrent for me and my personal mission or brilliance. The bags I assumed during the various interactions were swiftly moved back to where they belonged all along. I was Letting Go!

You know, even when we model good communication skills daily. Even when we habitually suspend judgment and release assumptions. Even when we consciously speak peace and aspire toward harmony. We are still human beings. And there in lays the beauty of every learning opportunity. When the stuff hits the wall, and we can recognize what happened, our part, and our responsibility, and release the other party, we WIN!!! Letting go and releasing wounds is not for the other person, it’s for YOU. It frees you up in mind and spirit to truly flourish. Holding on to the clutter of wounds, judgments and cruel intentions can only pull us down, there is no good that can come from it.

So the next time someone gets to you, to your mind and spirit in such a way that you feel your heart beating through your shirt, remember to breathe and release. Breathe and Release. No baggage has the power to pull you down, Let Go and Live Full!