Managing Conflict with Co-Workers

Promoting healthy communication within teams is essential for successful problem resolution. It is important to recognize that conflicts are a natural part of any workplace and to provide employees with the tools they require to manage them constructively.

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What Is Your Face Telling Your Team?

Is your face telling the wrong story to others? If you find people are reacting to you in a way that is less than positive, you may want to check your facial expressions in the mirror. They can be telling a part of the story that you never intended be told.

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Why Manager Rants in the Office are Never Productive

We have all sat in meetings with a manager who blows up, repeatedly, and stands on their proverbial soapbox to make their point. We have all also turned off our listening and disengaged from that same behavior pattern. Yet still, this management style is one of the most prominent and least productive. Learn the strategy to work around it if you can't change it.

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Invention + Inspiration = A Winning Team

Do you ever wonder how the really great ideas come to be million dollar inventions? Or, how some leaders appear to have the golden ticket for getting the right team members to get the win? I have pondered these things for many years. If you are like me, you have had an idea, drawn it out, envisioned what it can do to transform the world or make life easier for someone only to have your idea go on the shelf. A few years later, that very idea is now making someone else millions of dollars! And yours is still on the shelf.

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How to Catch Your Team In The Act of Doing Things Right!

If you have ever undertaken a major change initiative with your team and led them toward a big goal, you may have experienced some feelings of frustration around people slipping back into old behaviors. The very behaviors you are trying to change to increase performance or drive the new initiate to success.

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