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How to Catch Your Team In The Act of Doing Things Right!

If you have ever undertaken a major change initiative with your team and led them toward a big goal, you may have experienced some feelings of frustration around people slipping back into old behaviors. The very behaviors you are trying to change to increase performance or drive the new initiate to success.

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4 Things You Can Do This Week To Address Your Team's Under-performance

As we have covered recently, one of today's leading and most costly challenges for leaders and teams is the plight of the under performer. A problem employee can range anywhere from the not so serious, such as someone who is chronically late for work each day; to the more serious, such as a person engaged in harassment of a colleague.

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4 Mistakes Managers Make that can Derail an Organization - Part 1

Whether you are a new manager or seasoned leader, there are four mistakes that can have potentially devastating effects to your team, your organization and to your future. In this two part article; The Mistakes Managers Make, I will share the common pitfalls that can derail even the seasoned leader accompanied by examples and solutions, followed by coaching questions to support your own transformation.

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3 of 3 Mistakes Managers Make - Lack of Communication

People don't need to be praised all the time to do good work, but they do need to know that they are appreciated for the work they are doing. That comes in the form of good communication at all levels and setting precedence for acknowledgment for the small and big stuff. As the old saying goes - Words are powerful, use them wisely. They can build up a team and tear down a team, all in the same breath.

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4 steps to Avoid Communication Breakdown

How are you doing today with your Communication Strategy? What progress have you made with the two tips provided to support you in avoiding a communication breakdown? Yesterday we covered some good points on things that get us into communication breakdown. We also addressed 2 of the 4 strategies to help in avoiding a breakdown all together. So today, not only will we finish the conversation around the 4 tips, we will dig deeper on ways that two-sided communication works best.

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